the columbia 11’s are so fresh out the box. but I don’t like shoes that look like doo after 3 years. the white patent leather and blue translucent sole look horrible after a few years. I don’t give a shit about rarity or prestige

finallyback: Actually "pay attention" makes me worry about KRIT. I don't actually think he will.. but it's his first sign that he's trying to go mainstream, and that's where talent dies. He's aiming for radio hits and that's the biggest mistake any artist can do. He might make more money... temporarily... but would you rather die with a nicer car or a better reputation


"Pay Attention" sounds like a Big K.R.I.T. song… PERIOD. If it sounds like a radio song it’s because it was produced by a producer that has songs on the radio. The singer on the hook is a singer that is all over radio. But what is wrong with K.R.I.T. being on the radio? Isn’t that what we all ultimately want? Don’t we think everybody should be listening to Big K.R.I.T.? Everyone doesn’t die in the mainstream… K.R.I.T. is evolving, not changing. And if he seems different to you, you gotta know him enough to know he’s different because he wants to be, not because somebody made him be. That goes for most artist. People said the same things about Outkast back in the day… And we all know that it was far from the truth. Fans have to park the anxiety, and let the artist BE.

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Ayo I’m excited. This Wale album might be “it”

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